Begging Bowl, or What to give?

 Begging Bowl

The Temple can use:  several door mats,  kitchen scrub sponges,  hand lotion, light weight cutting boards ( 11″x14″, 9″x 12″ or thereabouts), coconut milk, raisins, honey, cheese, Granola,  Soy milk,  quinoa, crunchy PB, Smart Balance “margarine”, rice vinegar, kalamata olives, canned beans, salsa, tortilla chips, canned cat food fish based , dry kitten food, cat litter,  cleaning vinegar, liquid laundry detergent .

We have had our old popcorn ceilings cleaned and sealed, and the walls in Buddha and Dharma House painted.  Donations to replenish our Building Fund are very welcome.

We gratefully received money for Septic tank cleaning for all three houses, replacement of one of our refrigerators and a small AC Unit for the Kitchen area in the Sangha House, as well as many delicious prepared foods, pasta sauce, Pasta, kalamata olives a couple of white washing-up basins, potting soil, yarn, cat bed, cat litter box, cat food and kittens,  used books, Jam,  soap bars,  Unsweetened Almond Milk, Soy Milk,  Lysol Toilet cleaner,   dog food,  hospitality for traveling monks, toiletries, plastic bags for garbage, and  help with our permitting process, recycling and sending out Newsletters.