Begging Bowl, or What to give?

 Begging Bowl

The monks can use: Feta cheese, Sharp cheddar cheese, Real Mayonnaise, crunchy PB, ground coffee, small dog treats, butter, Vegie Hot Dogs, Soyrizzo, fresh fruit or vegies, help with house cleaning, shopping and gardening.

We gratefully received a lot of wonderful help with mailing our newsletter, vegies and fruits, cooked meals, bread, flowers, granola, honey, plants, potting soil, beautiful Prayer flags, blinds for in the meditation hall, carpet stain remover, shoes, prepared dinners, fresh fruit and vegies, hand cream, Vit C , butter, Soy milk, Salsa Medium, small dog biscuits, crunchy Peanut Butter, Tofu, liquid laundry detergent, Endust, liquid hand soap, Paper towels, Toilet bowl cleaner, cuttings of succulents for the garden, help with gardening and cleaning, and encouragement.

On Sustaining the Temple: The Practice of Dana 

The first sign of enlightenment is generosity, the giving and receiving of ourselves and whatever we have to share.  Temples in Buddhism are the result of the coming together of monks and lay practitioners who contribute materially and spiritually to create and maintain a place of peace, open to all who are in need.

Pine Mountain Temple has thrived for many years in the mountains and we hope to continue now as a city temple with your support, be it spiritually in your meditation, or practically through your donations and help with cleaning and food offerings.

Donations can be made in cash, as a check or through PayPal on our website, and are tax deductible. 

Long term support of the temple can also take the form of a legacy or bequest.

There is still a lot to do while we are settling into our new place; please contact the temple if you have extra time to help with any kind of work: cleaning, gardening, shopping or cooking for monks.