Begging Bowl, or What to give?

 Begging Bowl

The Temple can use: a can opener, Soy milk, Salsa Medium, canned beans of any kind, crunchy Peanut Butter, canned cat food, medium size silk flowers for our outdoor shrines.

If you plan to come for a visit and are able to shop for fresh produce, please ask if we can use eggs, vegies and fruit, milk, cheese, bread and/or yoghurt.

We gratefully received delicious prepared foods and fresh produce, flowers, Tofu, Soy milk, greeting cards, humming bird feeders, Olive Oil, Chocolate chips, sugar, Juanita Tortilla Chips, Medium Salsa 13 gallon plastic kitchen bags, 40 gallon plastic bags for recycling,  Scouring Powder, Muffin mixes, toasted wheat germ, flags, nuts, Toilet paper, toiletries, cheese, cat food, dog treats, soy milk, pasta and sauce, help with gardening and repair bills.