Begging Bowl, or What to give?

 Begging Bowl

The Temple can use:   a small kitchen scale, crunchy PB, nuts, Soy milk, canned cat food, small dog biscuits,  door mats, cat litter, cleaning vinegar, Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner,  Shower Clean spray,  Mr Clean “Eraser” sponges, Mr Clean liquid floor cleaner, Forever First Class stamps, medium Sharpies, paper towels.

We gratefully received delicious prepared foods, face shields, masks, kitchen utensils, yarn, paint, solar lights for the Stupa, post-it notes, hulled sunflower seeds, cleanigng supplies, dried and canned beans,  granola,   Disinfectant wipes,  disinfectant spray cleaners, hand lotion, potting soil, yarn,  cat food, dog biscuits, a salad spinner, help with recycling and sending out Newsletters.