Begging Bowl, or What to give?

 Begging Bowl

The Temple can use:    seasoned rice vinegar, chocolate chips,  fresh fruit, honey, cheese,  Soy milk,  crunchy PB, pasta sauce, Smart Balance “margarine”, kalamata olives,  salsa,  dry or canned cat/kitten food, small dog biscuits,  cat litter, cleaning vinegar, Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner,  Shower Clean spray, Windex, Forever First Class stamps, post-it notes, ball point pens, medium Sharpies.

We gratefully received delicious prepared foods, hulled sunflower seeds,  canned Lima and Navy beans,  granola, seasoned rice vinegar, crunchy PB, pasta sauce, chips, Disinfectant wipes,  disinfectant spray cleaners, hand lotion, pasta sauce, Pasta, kalamata olives,  seasoned rice vinegar, slivered almonds, coconut flakes, potting soil, yarn,  cat food, dog biscuits, used books, Jam,  soap bars,  Unsweetened Almond Milk, Soy Milk,  Lysol Toilet cleaner,   dog food,  hospitality for traveling monks, toiletries, plastic bags for garbage,  postage stamps, and  help with our permitting process, recycling and sending out Newsletters.