Buddhist Books

Recommended Reading

Of the hundreds of titles available now in Buddhist literature, we can only recommend a relative handful.  These are books which monks of our monastic order have written, or with which we are familiar and will use on occasion for giving Dharma teaching in the temple.

Depth Spirituality, Buddhism in the age of desire, by Rev. M. Seikai Luebke, available at the temple.Depth Spirituality

Sitting Buddha by Rev. Daishin Morgan; Throssel Hole Press, UK; 2005.

Buddhism From Within by Rev. Daizui MacPhillamy; a general introduction to Buddhist teachings written from the perspective of practice, and how to bring the ideas of Buddhism into everyday life;  Shasta Abbey Press, 2003.

Zen Is Eternal Life by Rev. Jiyu-Kennett; an overview of the teachings of Soto Zen, especially for those interested in monastic life.  Includes translations of Dogen and Keizan, who are considered the father and mother of Japanese Soto Zen; Shasta Abbey Press, 1972; 4th ed. 1999.

Roar of the Tigress  I and II: The Oral Teachings of Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett: Western Woman and Zen Master; Shasta Abbey Press, two volumes, 2000.

Buddhist Writings translated by Rev. Hubert Nearman, Shasta Abbey Press, 1994.

Soto Zen by Rev. Chisan Koho Zenji.  Originally published in 1960 by the master of Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett; Shasta Abbey Press, reprinted, 2000.

Buddha Recognizes Buddha by Rev. Daishin Morgan; Throssel Hole Press, UK, 2010.

The Dhammapada.  Short verses of teaching given by Shakyamuni Buddha, given in response to various situations.  Many translations are available, including some with the stories giving rise to the verses.

In the Words of the Buddha by Bhikkhu Bodhi.  A definitive compilation of the Buddha’s teachings on all aspects of human life—in his own words.  Wisdom Publications,

The Buddha and His Teachings by Narada Maha Thera; first published in Sri Lanka, 1964.