Making Donations

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The ancient Buddhist practice of giving and receiving from heart to heart is known as Dana.  Monks and practitioners together sustain the temple with their spiritual and material offerings in a direct interdependence.  Monks have no salaries and dedicate their lives to maintaining the meditation and fabric of the temple.  We do not receive financial support from the OBC or any other organization, and depend solely on our lay supporters who make it possible for us to offer retreat time and teaching to anyone.

In the traditional Buddhist practice of Dana we do not set a fixed fee for any of the events and teachings, but ask that you donate what you can afford to help maintain the temple and monks.

Regular or occasional cash donations to the temple allow us to pay for utilities, maintenance, and healthcare.  Our running cost is about $4000 a month. Even small donations are very gratefully received and bring great blessings.  Checks can be made out to Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple.

Long term support may be to include the temple in your legacy or bequest.

Donations through PayPal
An easy and secure way to make donations online is through PayPal using a credit card.  Please click the Donation button.


Food and Donations in Kind make up a large part of our support, and we keep a current list of what the temple can use.  It is always fine to email us and ask. 

Time and energy are a valuable offering: joining in the daily schedule of meditation and helping with the work that maintains the temple.  This includes a variety of tasks, from cooking and cleaning to ground maintenance or making tea.  Work days are scheduled on the calendar and if you wish to come at other times please let us know.

Pine Mountain Temple is a CA Non-Profit Corporation, 501(c) and Donations are Tax Deductible.