Meditation Workshops

Meditation Workshop

If you have not been to the temple before you might come for a Meditation workshop,  by appointment only at the moment. 

We will show you around, introduce you to the basics of our practice, and can help you find the best posture for your meditation, on a cushion, bench, or chair.

benches and mats made by Rev. Seikai
benches and mats made by Rev. Seikai

The introduction is followed by a meditation period and chanting service, a vegetarian silent lunch, and a question and answer period.  If meditation is not new to you it still can be helpful to have this opportunity to become familiar with the way we do things here before coming to a retreat weekend.  You may also stay overnight and continue to participate in the weekend activities.
We have a small Buddhist Supply Shop with incense, statues, wedges, and meditation benches and mats made by Rev. Seikai.

Please contact us to sign up for a specific date.

There is no fixed fee for participating, please make a donation based on what you can afford.