Weekend Meditation

meditation practice

Until the Covid restrictions are lifted we only offer private retreats, or day visits by appointment.  Please contact the temple for more info, 805 633 1143, or email us.

Every weekend we offer an opportunity to establish and  develop an ongoing meditation practice.  To this end there is a structured schedule with meditation periods, chanting services, quiet work time, silent meals and time for questions, privately or in a group.  For newcomers there is instruction to help you find a meditation posture that will work best for you.  To participate in a weekend you may arrive Friday before 5 pm, or Saturday morning by 10 am.

 On Sunday, Meditation starts at 10:15 and is followed by a Ceremony and Dharma Talk.  Our ceremonies vary and consist of reciting or singing a Buddhist text or songs, making full prostrations if possible, and offering water or incense to show our gratitude and respect.  Afterwards there is a Dharma Talk and shared lunch.

On Meditation Sunday there is no Ceremony, but alternating sitting and walking meditation periods, starting at 10:15, 11, and 11:45 am.  You may join at any time and we keep Silence for the entire morning until the shared lunch.

There is no fixed fee for any of these offerings, please make a donation based on what you can afford.


7 am Meditation 40 min.s
Temple Clean up
8:40 Breakfast
Working Meditation
Or 10:30 Meditation Intro
11:30 Meditation
12:00 Morning Service
1:00 pm Shared Lunch
Clean up
2:00 Q and A on the Practice
3:30 End of Intro day, Rest
5:00 Meditation 30 min.s
6:00 Dinner
Clean up
7:30 Meditation 30 min.s
Evening Chanting
Noble Silence
7:00 am Meditation 40 min.s
Short Morning Service
8:40 Breakfast
10:15 Meditation 30 min.s
11:00 Ceremony
12:00 Dharma Talk
c. 2:00 pm Closing Ceremony
10:15 Meditation 30 min.s
10:45 Walking Meditation
11:00 Meditation 30 min.s
Walking Meditation
11:45 Meditation 30 min.s
Possible Dharma Talk
12:15 Walking Meditation
Closing Ceremony