About Us

Overseeing Ozena Valley

The temple has been described as a physical and spiritual oasis: our many trees and the park-like appearance around the three houses is in contrast to the generally dry surroundings.  Our 45 acres of land extend up into the hills which lie to the north.  There are numerous outdoor shrines and walking paths, and a hiking trail takes one to the top of our hill, about 200’ above the valley floor, providing a splendid view of the surrounding countryside.  The two resident monks keep up the daily practice of meditation and chanting services.   Rev. Phoebe and Rev. Seikai both trained at Shasta Abbey Buddhist Monastery and are licensed Teachers and Masters of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives.  OBC website.

Because of its remote location and our overnight accommodations, the temple is ideally suited for meditation retreats for both groups and individuals.  Such retreats can be arranged at any time.  Once every month we schedule a two or three day Silent Meditation Retreat for people who are already familiar with our practice. For newcomers, all other weekends are open and can include a meditation workshop.

The Climate is generally dry, which makes for a wide swing in temperatures between early morning and afternoon.  Any time of year it will be cool in the morning, then warming up during the day.  In winter we have relatively little snow, but regular freezing weather; in summer, hot afternoons but pleasant mornings and evenings.

Phone and Internet.  The area immediately around the temple does not have cell phone, the temple has a satellite phone that may be used for emergencies. We do have Wi-Fi internet service available in our main common room. In order to preserve the retreat atmosphere and quiet of the temple, we ask that the use of this be limited to rest periods.

For private retreats we have two meditation cabins available, that have electricity but no running water.

To arrange for a group retreat with a teacher of another Buddhist Tradtion, please contact the temple at least 2 months in advance.

There is no fixed fee for any of these offerings, please make a donation based on what you can afford.