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The Monks of Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple warmly invite you to come visit us and join us in the practice of Serene Reflection Meditation. Our practice is primarily community practice and we ask that those who wish stay with us for any length of time to participate in temple activities. Within that we are usually able to accommodate the needs of individuals who may have physical limitations. We also offer private retreats using our two meditation huts, and a modified schedule.Women's Dorm Room

The temple consists of three houses (Buddha House, Dharma House and Sangha House) and activities are divided between the three. Male and female guests stay in separate houses where possible; bedrooms are dormitory style (women, men) and bedding is provided. Showers are available.

Phone and Internet
The area immediately around the temple does not have cell phone or land line service. For emergencies we have satellite telephone, and for private phone calls one can drive a mile from the temple to a spot where there is a cell signal. We do have Wi-Fi internet service available in our common room. In order to preserve the retreat atmosphere and quiet of the temple, we ask that the use of this be limited to rest periods.

Guidelines for Guests
The temple is a place of quiet spiritual refuge—a rare and wonderful opportunity in this world to look within, find a way to bring true peace into our life and find our purpose for living. By allowing ourselves and others to be quiet, we have the opportunity to see how we create our own suffering and what we can do to change our old patterns and habits.

The general rule is to be quiet and not to engage in unnecessary conversation. This is especially true for someone here for only a few days. For lay trainees here for longer periods, it can be helpful to have conversations with each other from time to time. We can all help each other by learning more about how speech can be either skilful or harmful. Idle chatter and excessive talking can hinder one’s training and one’s purpose for being here. In this spirit, please be considerate of others when choosing a place to talk with someone.

Spiritual guidance or a private conversation with one of the monks is of course always available, please just ask.

We especially ask that guests observe the following guidelines:

* To participate wholeheartedly in all Temple activities and to be punctual in following the schedule, is to learn to drop likes and dislikes. When we let go of likes and dislikes we begin to see how the Buddha’s Truth can be found in all things at all times.

* Please do not engage in other religious practices during your stay; while you are here, please do not read books other than those available in our library.

* Please do not use or bring alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, musical instruments or tapes, radios, pets, fire arms, or other weapons.

* Please plan to participate in the community meals. Vegetarian (but not Vegan) food is served at the meals; please take as much as you need, and, so as not to waste food, please eat what you take. If you have special dietary needs, please talk to one of the monks.

If there is anything about the teaching or practice you do not understand, or have difficulty with, please feel free to discuss this with one of the monks.

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