Pine Mtn. Panorama


Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple is located in the mountains of Ventura County, California, a populous county with 800,000 residents.  799,000 of those people, however, live on or near the Pacific Coast, whereas the interior of the county, where the temple is located, is sparsely populated.  This makes for an unusually quiet atmosphere, relatively free of distractions, and a good place for a temple.  We are located in an intermontane valley, the Ozena Valley, which contains the headwaters of the Cuyama River, a stream which ultimately flows to the Pacific near the city of Santa Maria.

The temple is surrounded by mountains and hills: Pine Mountain, at 7500’ to the south, Mount Pinos, at 8800’ to the northeast, the Sierra Madre Mountains to the west, and unnamed hills and badlands to the immediate north, which are part of the Chumash Wilderness Area.  The Transverse Ranges, in the middle of which we are located, run predominantly east-west, as opposed to the prevailing north-south mountain geography of California.  The area can be characterized as high desert, as we receive only about ten inches of rain on average, although this figure varies considerably from one year to the next.

Getting to the Temple requires driving; there is no public transportation in the area. The nearest towns are Ojai, Frazier Park and Maricopa. For driving directions please click here.


Pine Mtn. Buddhist Temple Stupa

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