Live in joy,
In love,
Even among those who hate.

Live in joy,
In health,
Even among the afflicted.

Live in joy,
In peace,
Even among the troubled.

Look within,
Be still,
Free from fear and attachment,
Know the sweet joy of the way.

From the Dhammapada

Pine Mtn. Buddhist Temple Stupa


Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple is a small, rural temple and meditation retreat located in Southern California, in the mountains of Ventura County.  There are two resident Buddhist monks, Rev. Master Phoebe and Rev. Master Seikai, both of whom have lived in the monastic environment for over 30 years.

Because of its remote location and our overnight accommodations, the temple is ideally suited for meditation retreats for both groups and individuals.  Such retreats can be arranged at any time.  Once every month we schedule a two or three day Silent Meditation Retreat for people who are already familiar with our practice. For newcomers all other weekends are open and include a meditation workshop on Saturday morning, and general instruction in our practice throughout the weekend. We offer spiritual guidance and Dharma teaching to our guests on a daily basis.  For longer-term private meditation retreats we have two meditation huts available.

The monks visit two meditation groups, in Ventura and Morro Bay, California, once a month (please see About).  Funerals, memorials and house blessings can be arranged upon request.

People have described the temple as a physical and spiritual oasis: our many trees and the park-like appearance around our three houses is in contrast to the generally dry surroundings.  Our 45 acres of land extend up into the hills which lie to the north.  There are numerous outdoor shrines and walking paths, and a hiking trail takes one to the top of our hill, about 200’ above the valley floor, providing a splendid view of the surrounding countryside.

The climate is generally dry, which makes for a wide swing in temperatures between early morning and afternoon.  Any time of year it will be cool in the morning, then warming up during the day.  In winter we have relatively little snow, but regular freezing weather; in summer, hot afternoons but pleasant mornings and evenings.

Meditation Group Meetings:
      Central Coast Meditation Group in Morro Bay: Next meeting will be April 8th, 7 - 9 pm.

      Ventura County Meditation Group: Next meeting we be April 2nd, 6 - 8 pm.                        

Next Temple Cleanup:
April 4th 9am - 1 pm.

Next Three Day Retreat: April 9th - 12th. Spring Silent Meditation Retreat, The Six Paramitas
We will focus on this area of Buddhist teaching and practice. The retreat is open to those who have previously attended meditation retreats. We begin Thursday evening with dinner and  tea to  introduce ourselves, and will be silent thereafter.

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Pine Mtn. Buddhist Temple Stupa

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