About the Practice of Dana
Dana is the ancient Buddhist practice of giving and receiving. Monks and lay people together sustain the Temple by being generous with all they have to offer. Generosity is the first sign of Enlightenment and the practice of generosity opens one’s heart to the Dharma. Pine Mountain Temple has no source of income other than your kind donations, which are the traditional way to show appreciation for the Teaching of the Buddha. By making an offering of money you participate in the existence of the Temple and the merit of such action will benefit all beings.

Food and Other Offerings
Offerings of food and other household items are greatly appreciated, as are offerings of help with various work projects that support the temple. For a list of current needs of the temple, please click here and check the "Alms Bowl".

Donations by Cash or Check
Monetary donations are very much appreciated in support of the temple. Checks should be made out to Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple. Contributions are tax deductible.

Donations through PayPal
An easy and secure way to make donations online is through PayPal. This method allows you to use a credit card for making donations. Click the "Donate" button in the left menu to make an online donation through PayPal.

Pine Mtn. Buddhist Temple Stupa

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