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Visitors are welcome, but please contact us ahead of time via email (preferably) or telephone if you wish to visit.  We are happy to make appointments for tours of the temple, individual meditation instruction, or for day visits in which you take part in the activities of the day, such as a ceremony or Buddhist festival typically held on Sundays.  Many of our members come to the temple for one-day or weekend visits, taking part in whatever is going on in the temple while they are present.  Recognizing that most people are busy and have limited windows of opportunity for visiting, we always try to be accommodating to the needs of the individual.

Temple Tour
We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 9am-5pm during which times you may come and have a tour of the temple and meet one of the monks.

Meditation Instruction
An introduction to our practice and meditation instruction are offered most Saturdays 10am-12am (not during retreats, check our calendar). You may also contact us for an appointment to receive meditation instruction. Iit is often possible to stay the night.

Sunday Services
Meditation begins at 10am with a Festival Ceremony or Memorial beginning at 11am. The ceremony will be followed by a Dharma talk and potluck lunch.



Pine Mtn. Buddhist Temple Stupa

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