The temple can use: a powerful vacuum cleaner, a medium size electric rice cooker, white 3" wide candles, bird seed, chews for small dogs, Scotch Brite “dobies”.


"May the offerings we make here show our gratitude and joy to all living things."
                               Offertory from Morning Service

In Gratitude
The temple received generous amounts of food, hand lotion, art supplies, gloves, camping provisions, alarm clocks, postage, gas for traveling, a blender blade, toilet paper, medicine, travel expenses, hospitality, the loan of a wood splitter, dog diapers, cleaning supplies, garden fertilizer, water, cat and dog food, a dog collar, and lots of help with animal care, temple maintenance, newsletter printing and proofing.

Pine Mtn. Buddhist Temple Stupa

A Temple of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives
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